Ever season after shooting my new collections, I stay up until 2:00 am editing the images. I can’t help myself as I get so lost in time staring at the lovely film shots.

Caroline Tran & I have so much fun with her little kids making silly faces while we let things take a life of their own. I enjoy working this way with someone so kind & gentle as Caroline.

Lately my sweetheart David & I have been having too much fun riding our bikes around the Griffith Park loop & all over Los Angeles. I have found that after years of grinding away on uncomfortable mountain bikes, on scary dirt roads, I am enjoying cruising on an upright old fashion Linus bike. I call her Glady’s after one of my favorite characters bike in Allen Brady’s Charming Flavia De Luce novels.

We used Glady’s in this shoot filling her basket with fresh flowers from the Los Angeles Flower Mart with presents on her back rack.

Here are a couple cuties with our adorable Anjelina on my crème colored Linus Dutchi.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Caroline Tran!

Many thanks to Claire Pettibone for always being so generous in lending her gowns.

 We love you Claire!

Lindsey Burwell who is one women who knows hair!




It was an honor to work with Caroline Tran for her Propel 2014 workshop last October. Claire Pettibone kindly lent us a few beauties from her just released Gothic Angels Collections.

Here are a few of my favorite images taken by Caroline of my veils & accessories on my beautiful house model Anjelina from Next.

Lindsey Burwell did an amazing job as always on hair & makeup.

Skybox Events was at the helm taking care of us all making sure the workshop ran like a breeze.

Veils & Accessories: Erica Elizabeth Desings

Photography Credits: Caroline Tran

Gowns: Claire Pettibone

Hair & Makeup: Lindsey Burwell

Event Production: Skybox Events



What can I say about my favorite wedding blog Chic vintage Brides! Amy is always so generous with her creative writing talents. She is a blogger that actually writes her own content & does not simply post submissions. I very much enjoy visiting Chic Vintage Brides on a regular basis to see all of the wonderful historical images & to read her articles about what is trending for today’s bride.

I am beholden to this touching paragraph she wrote about her own personal experience with my Eglantine Parfum.

Please take a monument to visit Chic Vintage Brides to see my feature on Eglantine Rose Parfum & why not order a sample vial to see if you too can have this fun back to beauty experience.

Many thanks Amy!

Also, many thanks to Caroline Tran for the beutiful images!

Eglantine Rose parfum

Wearing Eglantine is such a luxury! It feels like a special occasion every time I open the box, elegant in its simplicity and so pretty with a pale pink lining; to see the gorgeous little french glass bottle (manufactured in the old world ways in Normandy, France) nestled within. Its gold rimmed neck is decorated with a tiny delicate pink ribbon and topped with the gorgeous glass globe stopper that gives it such an opulence and vintage charm. It makes me feel like one of the sirens from the silver screen, who in my favourite black & white movies always used to dab their perfumes so seductively on their pulse points. And it reminds me of when I was little, and my Mum would elegantly dab Chanel No 5 on to her wrists before going out, I used to love watching her do it. So now applying my perfume each morning is no longer a quick spritz and go, it is a luxurious ritual.

Eglantine Rose Parfum



With Valentines Day right around the corner, we have thoughts of love & relationships of all kinds. 

I remember a simpler time when Valentines Day was about buying those silly yet adorable paper valentines that you would bring to school & pass out to all in your classroom.

Now, we must buy expensive gifts for our special loved ones to prove our affections. So, if that be the case, my Eglantine Rose Parfum is the perfect gift for your loved one.

Or why wait for someone to gift you? How buying one of these beautiful bottles of heaven for yourself!

I am wearing this intoxicating scent myself everyday as it gives me pleasure all the day.

We have the beautiful glass globe stopper top French imported ½ oz bottles available for purchase & immediate delivery.


Eglantine Rose Parfum


eglantine perfumeWith love,




The rose is a timeless metaphor for romance: Poets pen sonnets to its fragile beauty; musicians sing the praises of its perfection; artists are inspired to capture its radiance on canvas. Lovers have long relied on the rose’s ephemeral mystery for seduction, strewing petals in the bath and boudoir, signifying the pleasures to be had. The essence of the most timeless garden delight is now formulated in an unforgettable blend of dusky Arabian and tea roses, with a sparkling top note of blood orange. Finished with a deep, warm base of rich amber, incense notes and African musk, Eglantine lingers on the skin long into the night, a sensuous, sexy rose blend for today’s women.

Eglantine Rose Parfum is available for purchase in precious French made bottles on Erica Elizabeth Designs!

Eglantine Rose Parfum


Octovia is the first Roman crown in the Erica Elizabeth Collections. Following a visit to the Getty Villa in Malibu, I drew inspiration from Roman heads of state who adopted golden crowns as emblems of rank and honor. Then followed my gorgeous shoot with Stephanie Williams of This Modern Romance. I have enjoyed many sales of this beauty & now she is finally ready to ship in 1 to 2 weeks!

Shown here with Claire Pettibone’s graceful Chantilly Lace gown with KC Whitkamp on Hair & Makeup.

Octavia Style no. 1910
Octavia Roman Crown